About Us

Preserving the heritage

We are committed to protect, preserve and celebrate the cultural identity and heritage of Indigenous People in Malaysia.

The Yayasan Kesenian Orang Asli has played an increasingly important role in the preservation and promotion of the Orang Asli indigenous cultures and heritage while helping the community through various health and social programmes.

Cultural heritage of every county is a valuable part of the cultural heritage of the world as a whole (UNESCO, 1983). The growing recognition of the importance of cultural heritage has resulted in the formation and strengthening of international culture heritage organizations. YKOA is dedicated to such noble goals.

Our Approach

YKOA is guided by the United Nation Declaration on the Right of Indigenous Peoples. Our strength based approach in the work we do are based on following principles :

Respect & protection of the culture

Pro active participation in decision making

Equality & non discrimination

Our project

Several programmes have been successfully undertaken and these are continuing including health initiatives, commercial promotion of their arts and cultures while new and expanded programmes in education and skills training are underway.

Bengkel Phyrography Pada Seni Kayu

Date : 22 January 2021
Venue : Pusat Kraf Orang Asli Sungai Bumbun, Pulau Carey.

Pemeriksaan Kesihatan Kanak-kanak & Suai Kenal

Date : 13th August 2022 
Venue : Kampung Orang Asli Sungai Gabai, Hulu Langat.

Kelabit Live in Kuala Lumpur

Date : 29 & 30 October 2022
Venue : Ground Floor Boulevard, Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur!

What We Do

Cultural Awareness

Following our founder’s footsteps since the 1970s YKOA is committed to promoting Malaysia’s indigenous communities to the world through their unique art forms and sculptures via campaigns and exhibitions.
Through our exhibitions we aim to bring awareness to the world about our indigenous peoples and their rich and colorful heritage.Many of our past programmes have achieved commendable success.

What We Do

Publishing and Cultural Preservation

To promote and encourage assimilation we publish books that help in the preservation and protection of their rich heritage and traditions.

What We Do

Lobbying for The Indigenous Arts

While we have succeeded in lobbying for a permanent place in our National Museum for the Orang Asli Art and Heritage, we seek more government initiatives to protect and promote their heritage.

What We Do

Sustainable Livelihoods

While helping in the preservation of their culture and heritage, their basic needs for health and education needs to be established and YKOA is committed to carrying out various programmes to complement national efforts to uplift these marginalised communities.

What We Do

Indigenous Cuisine Promotion

There is growing interest in Indigenous food that blends locally sourced herbs and flavors from their local habitat providing
for a natural and flavorful experience. Recipes honed from generations and passed down through the years is a culture in itself. Our aim is to find natural talents and cuisine and bring them to the open foray of the Malaysian market.

What We Do

Upskilling of indigenous crafts making

Wood craft primarily seen among Jahut , Mahmeri of West Malaysia and across various tribes in East Malaysia has grown to be a commercial force. This art form is primarily an expression of animistic beliefs and
spirits of their jungles. We aim to give them tools and exposure to elevate their expression

What We Do

Medical outreach

As our late founder has been doing for many years , we aim to continue our medical camps to villages. While access to healthcare has vastly been improved over the years ,there remains ignorance of lifestyle diseases along with taboos. Malnutrition is one such issue commonly faced by
the Orang Asli. Several programmes have been successfully undertaken and these have been found to be beneficial and an eyeopener what programmes such as these can do for these communities.
We hope to fund research into their nutritional status and develop a sustainable healthy food program
We seek funds to conduct a six month study in conjunction with a university into the nutritional status of orang asli families, alongside teaching them sustainable vegetable propagation.

What We Do

Agriculture Education

Teaching simple vocational skills and plant propagation as sustainable sources is one of our goals and proposed programs.
All these programmes will encompass whole communities including the women and youths to empower them to lead healthy and productive lives while retaining their rich cultural heritage.

Why we do

Traditional knowledge can be understood as a living body of knowledge that is developed, sustained and passed on from generation to generation within a community, often forming part of its cultural and spiritual identity. It encompasses knowledge, know-how, skills, innovations and practices. Traditional knowledge also encompasses traditional cultural expressions, including dances, songs, handicrafts, designs, ceremonies, tales, or other artistic or cultural expressions.


This traditional knowledge forms the identity and individuality of person or tribe and is important in their self determination. Preservation and promotion against assimilating factor is key in protecting the culture.

Cultural heritage has acquired enormous economic value as one of the mainstays of the tourism industry, however importance must be stressed against negatively impacting the rights of indigenous peoples.

We aim to provide community-level initiatives to revitalize cultural heritage among indigenous peoples, including languages, music and traditional medicine. This includes training for indigenous youth on the protection of cultural heritage.
Another important element relating to the revitalization of indigenous cultures is the recognition of indigenous women as active agents of transformation. Indigenous women play an immense role in the revitalization and the transmission of cultural heritage of indigenous peoples.


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