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Celebrating Indigenous People through Arts and Culture

Established in 2002, Yayasan kesenian Orang Asli was founded and inspired by Datuk Antony Ratos to elevate Indigenous livelihood and preservation of their culture. We connect the generosity of donors with the energy, ideas and time of individuals in society. We aim to make meaningful and lasting impact in the Indigenous communities.

We are committed to protect, preserve and celebrate the cultural identity and heritage of Orang Asli in Malaysia.

“The of Malaysia , the Orang Asli as I first called them in the late fifties , like aborigines anywhere, represent a disappearing facet of human civilization. It is my concern at the disappearing culture of the Orang Asli that has spurred me on to express the views.."
Datuk Anthony Ratos
Founder of Yayasan Kesenian Orang Asli 2006


The challenge remains for our Orang Asli that indigenous cultures and practices are being eroded by modernisation , commercial development pressures, lack of secure rights to land and resources, migration and lack of cultural education.
Many Orang Asli tribes are struggling to preserve their distinctive cultures, knowledge systems and identities from extinction. Our hope is for these communities to not lose touch and let their talents go to waste. With this in mind, Yayasan Kesenian Orang Asli is constantly developing programs and means to preserve their culture as part and parcel of protecting indigenous cultures, as part of conserving biodiversity.

We at Yayasan Kesenian Orang Asli pay homage to the late Datuk Anthony Ratos for his contribution and raising awareness on the importance of conserving cultural heritage of Orang Asli.

Our activities are aligned to push forward this vision through :

  • Exploring new and innovative forms of Orang Asli expressions through arts and culture in  an innovative and culturally sensitive manner
  • Facilitating activities in the visual arts and craft sector that
    provide significant social and economic benefits for Orang Asli.
  • Upskilling Orang Asli communities throug had dressing the skills gap and developing a diverse range of programs that capture and preserve traditional and contemporary Indigenous arts.


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